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How we approach saving horses

While each horse’s condition is different there are four MAJOR steps that we move through when rescuing a horse.  There’s nothing quick or easy about putting a horse through our program and the participation of many dedicated and talented individuals are required to achieve success.


Our horses find their way to us in many different ways.  Often owners that can no longer care for their horses understand that finding a better life for their horse is their greatest gift of compassion.  Other times local authorities become aware of gross neglect and abuse and ask us to bring a horse(s) into our program.  Either way the journey to a better life begins with our intervention.


More often than not the horses that find their way to our facility are malnourished and generally debilitated.  The first stage of their rehabilitation is a comprehensive assessment by our Veterinarians.  A individual rehabilitation plan is then created and our staff aggressively implements that program.  Food and love solve many problems but sometimes medications and therapy are indicated.


A large percentage of our horses have been abandoned and have forgotten many of the skills necessary to be a good companion.  Not all horses are candidates for active lifestyles but our staff works with those that are to ready them for productive lives.  During this retraining our staff spends many hours working towards making any of our horses perfect lifelong companions.


Finding the right horse for the right home is often difficult work.  Our experience has taught us to dig deeply into the environment that the horse will be living in.  Not fully understanding the dynamics between the horse and the new owner can result in a bad experience for both.  Our goal when assessing prospective new owners is to protect the horse and the owner.

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