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Breed:        Donkey
Sex:             Gelding
Color:        Gray Donkey

History:   Tucker was found roaming a residential area in Hobe Sound. It was determined that his owner let him go in a park to fend for himself. He is very cute and loves to be pet and fed carrots.

Potential:  Currently under review

A few words from our Barn Coordinator regarding the Indiantown 12

On May 1, 2017 ERAF rolled out to Indiantown in the middle of nowhere to rescue 11 horses and a donkey. They were emaciated, with tangled manes and tails, and in desperate need of a farrier.

We brought home all 11 horses and the donkey which was surrendered by a neighbor. The following day they were evaluated by our amazing veterinarian team and vaccinated. They are currently under quarantine, but after their next round of vaccinations we will begin training and gelding the stallions.

They will become available for adoption once cleared by our vets and the staff says they are safe to be handled and ready to leave. Due to the severity of this case, along with the sheer number of horses now in our care, we are asking for not only monetary donations but supplies as well.

You can choose to volunteer your time and help us do what we do best, or send a contribution for the group, or a particular horse. Help in all forms is always appreciated!

Stay tuned for their progress.