Team Member Spotlight – June 2017

Meet SOME of the people that make us great!

Ashley Villoresi

Barn Coordinator

This month ERAF would like to recognize one of the more important personalities within our system.  Ashley is the “secret sauce” that makes our barn operations work.

Ashley has been with ERAF for approximately one and a half years now.  She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut  where she majored in Animal Science and carried double minors in Equine Business and Equine Therapy.

Ashley was born in Jackson, New Jersey, and moved to Florida after her graduation.  Before coming to ERAF she held several other equine related positions that allowed her to put her degree to practical use.

We are blessed to have Ashley assume the position of Barn Coordinator and look forward to her continuing to make a significant contribution to our mission of saving horses that have run out of options.  It is our goal to provide Ashley with the tools and support that she needs to be successful.

If you can slow her down enough to have an extended conversation with her you’ll be amazed by how much she can teach you in a very short amount of time.

On behalf of the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation we would like to publicly express our profound appreciation for all that Ashley does for us.

We’re including several pictures of Ashley with her amazing horse named Tiger.  Any man in Ashley’s life will have to give her as much love. affection, and satisfaction as Tiger gives her.  Tiger will always be the “other” love in her life.


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