Team Member Spotlight – June 2018

Meet SOME of the people that make us great!

Doug Andry

Staff Member

As the editor of our ‘Spotlight Stakeholder’ pages I try not to let my comments get too personal.  Unfortunately, when it comes to this month’s Spotlight Stakeholder that is almost impossible to do.

This month we are pleased to recognize and honor Doug Andry.  If you’ve spent any time around our barn you know Doug well.  While everyone that comes to the barn works hard Doug just turns it up a notch.  I’ve seen so many people work until they almost drop and I am personally inspired by that.  However, when I watch Doug work I get tired just watching him.

Doug found his way to ERAF in December of 2016 for what he thought was a short-term engagement mending fences.  One of our team members mentioned to him that ERAF had a project that needed someone with a construction background.  After 23 years in the construction business he thought that he was well qualified.

Well, Doug started fixing a few fences and then many more fences.  His work ethic was remarkable and it impressed several of the Board members.  It wasn’t long before ERAF asked Doug to join the ERAF family as a full-time team member.

Doug grew up on a family farm in Indiana so he knew his way around a barn, and with his construction background he was a perfect fit for ERAF.

One of Doug’s big adventures at ERAF was becoming involved with the birth of Lexi.  We knew that Tech Cat was due any day so Doug took it upon himself to visit Tech Cat during the night.  As luck would have it Doug faithfully made his rounds only to discover that Tech Cat was giving birth and he was there by himself.  The delivery was a very complicated one but Doug provided all the support that the professionals needed.  Doug has become the honorary God-Father to Lexi and he never passes her with giving her a little affection.

Doug works 60 hours a week in our barns and if truth be told it’s probably more.  None of that work is quick or easy but Doug puts his head down and gets whatever needs to be done done.

Toay we raise a glass and toast Doug Andry.  Another Super-Hero in a place that has no shortage of Super-Hero’s.


Thanks for all you do Douglas!


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