Success Stories

Joey was one of 11 horses that the Martin County Sheriff found abandoned in a local pasture. He as been a wonderful success story and a testimonial to how much we can do with a dedicated staff and your support. Please continue your investment in ERAF so we can create more happy endings.
  This is the story of the remarkable transformation of our Diva. When she came to us she was little more than skin and bones and literally standing on death’s door. Her recovery was stunning and surprised even us.  Your generous contributions allow us to work these daily miracles and […]
Soda arrived at our barn just before Christmas of 2013. His owner was experiencing hard times and unable to care for Soda. He was largely skin and bones by the time we rescued him. He's an amazing gelding that has been dressage trained and he now lives with amazing owners who give him the love he deserves.
Tessie & Angie One of the goals of the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation is to find a “forever home” for their rescued horses.  All of the horses that come to ERAF have either been abused or abandoned and go through an extensive program of medical and dental care, rehabilitation, […]