About Quil

Quil is a handsome, chestnut grandson of Forty Niner. At 16, he is still friendly and interactive but chronic arthritis means he should no longer be a riding horse.

A relative owned him and downsized, could not take him so I shipped him close to me to a lovely establishment where he was a beloved light lesson horse for 3 years, but he has been off for some time and can no longer be supported there. He has been examined just recently and she gave him a very good body condition score but his lack of flexing was pronounced. He could improve but that can’t be promised, of course.

Quil would love to be a companion outside but come in at night in summer or after a big rain due to his loathing of mosquitoes. Thank you for looking at this. Even if he’s not for you, you might know someone.


Contact:    Amy

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