You can't look at L'il Dude and not smile. He's the cutest little miniature we have here on property and a joy to be around.
Frosty is sweet, gentle, and beautiful!! She is kid-safe but all the adults love her as well . Ten minutes with her and she'll win your heart.
Splash is a handsome horse with lots of energy and eager to engage with the people around him. Come in and spend time with him.
Espresso is a large and powerful horse. While he is a little older he's a remarkable sight when you have an opportunity to stand along side him.
Now this is a beautiful girl ! Saravas is big and beautiful and well suited to trail riding. Please come see her and you'll fall in love immediately. Don't let her get away!
Samson is yet another horse that ERAF saved from starvation and gross neglect. He's a kind, gentle, and playful horse. Visit our barn for this treat.