Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than finding the perfect “Forever” home for one of our horses.  We would like to thank the dozens and dozens of people that have opened their hearts, their homes, and their wallets by adopting one of these marvelous creatures.

On behalf of the entire Equine Rescue Adoption Foundation Board, our barn team, and the dozens of volunteers who have worked so hard to rescue and rehabilitate these horses, thank you!

Roz is scheduled for adoption by new loving owners. She's a wonderful girl and she'll be missed by everyone at ERAF.
Our boy has now been adopted. His new owners have a powerful and handsome addition to the family.
Rosie and her son Domino are beautiful horses. We've been working with them and they're now tolerating separation.
You can't look at L'il Dude and not smile. He's the cutest little miniature we have here on property and a joy to be around.
Frosty is sweet, gentle, and beautiful!! She is kid-safe but all the adults love her as well . Ten minutes with her and she'll win your heart.
Marshall is scheduled for adoption. Marshall is a personal favorite of our photographer. He's ALWAYS fun to be around and will be missed by everyone.
Splash is a handsome horse with lots of energy and eager to engage with the people around him. Come in and spend time with him.
Espresso is a large and powerful horse. While he is a little older he's a remarkable sight when you have an opportunity to stand along side him.
The stunning Rose Code has now been adopted and providing her new owners with considerable pleasure.
Skye is a member of our Equine Therapy program. He is rideable and easy around people. He's great with children and those suffering with PTSD.
What a beautiful animal.  This is Tango who is now in a loving home.  The pictures need to be roughly the same size and I’m clipping these from the existing ERAF website so beggars can’t be choosers.
This is an example of an adopted horse.  Obviously the picture isn’t appropriate but it’s just for demonstration.